‘Sesame street’ revives record label

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Warner Music Group’s Arts Music division and Sesame Workshop have come together to reboot Sesame Street Records in the U.S. and Canada.

As part of the multi-year deal, beloved music recordings from the television series “Sesame Street” are now available on digital streaming and download platforms and new compilation titles are available on vinyl and CD.

The imprint will release never-before-heard music from both current and previous seasons of the show, including features by celebrity guests. New selections will be branded around educational topics, current events and upcoming themes from the show and will also include new cover songs and parodies from outside of the series.

The new titles that will include these songs will roll out in early 2019. “’Sesame Street’ and music have had a long-standing harmony that began nearly 50 years ago,” says Kevin Gore, president, arts music, Warner Music Group. “I’m thrilled this partnership with Sesame Workshop is our first initiative for Arts Music in the kids’ music space. I watched the first episode, owned their first album, shared this music with my kids, and I can’t think of a better brand or mission as our foundation in this space.”

The partnership marks the first time in 20 years that new “Sesame Street” music will be available on a consistent schedule. Select titles have been released since September, and a holiday compilation is set to debut this month.

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Nike & Paul George plug into Playstation

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Sony’s PlayStation and Nike have paired to launch a new sneaker inspired by the original PS gaming system, under the label of basketball player Paul George.

The Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation takes cues from the iconic console and celebrates George’s love for video games with PlayStation symbols on the counter and heel, as well as the classic four-color PlayStation logo on the left shoe, a variant of the PG2’s light up the tongue.

The Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation debuted at the Nov.21 game against the Golden State Warriors and will be released on the “SNKRS” app and at major retail outlets on Dec.1.

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Amazon opens pop-up in Spain

Amazon has opened its first pop-up store in Madrid, Spain in one of the city’s principal shopping districts, according to Reuters.

The space is laid out in the style of a house with all displayed items on sale. Goods for sale range from electronics to video games and clothing.

The e-commerce giant plans to open similar stores in Italy, Germany and Britain, according to the company spokesperson. The move underscores the online powerhouse’s push to attract customers through physical retail.

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AI Licensing India introduces Xperium for better brand engagement

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Mumbai-based AI Licensing India, which is into content licensing, merchandising and syndication of famous international characters and brands, has added a new business unit to its portfolio called Xperium, with an aim to create elevated customer experiences.

For the past four decades, Animation International (AI) holds the exclusive licensing and merchandising rights for Doraemon in Asia and Middle East. Each country’s operational office manages the character, depending upon its popularity and market’s growth potential, to give better return on investment for the brand owner.

In addition to Doraemon, AI Licensing India, which started its operations in the country in 2005, also holds the license for brands like Shin Chan, Garfield, Archie Comics, Hallmark Design collection, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin.

Currently, AI Licensing India has four business verticals, of which licensing drives the maximum business revenue, amounting to almost 60%. “Exports has emerged as a big area of operations in the past year and half since we entered it. We also have a creative studio where we design a lot of products in-house, not just for our own IPs but for other IPs too, which has turned out to be another independent business model for us,” said Nitin Kalra, director, AI Licensing India

He added that the company was the first to get into event licensing in India in an organized manner. “In 2010, we became the first agency in the country to suggest to malls that our characters can help them generate more footfalls, which in turn can help them generate more business. This philosophy was well accepted and since then, we are have never done any event for free, setting an industry precedent,” Nitin proudly claimed.

Nitin Kalra, director, AI Licensing India

Xperium takes this concept a step further as an experiential licensing vertical, by linking AI Licensing India’s other business verticals. It constantly works with partners who create products based on brand licenses that are issued to it for a time frame of two to three years. These companies pay royalties on the products created, for instance, merchandise like apparel, mugs, bags, etc.

Additionally, AI Licensing India also works with FMCG companies like ITC, Dabur, Kellogg’s and McDonalds India for short-term tactical promotional campaigns, where it ideates on the marketing strategy based on the chosen licensed brand or character. “This idea is becoming popular as each brand is looking for a trigger to attract more customers. For instance, animated characters have a great pull factor when it comes to product sales,” Nitin pointed out.

Realizing that AI Licensing India was consistently involved in elevating customer experience, it conceptualized Xperium as a division that would create events around its characters, which would help its affiliated companies to sell a lot of merchandise. “We created the ‘100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo’, which toured eight cities globally and had 100 life-size figurines of the cartoon character, each inspired by different episodes. We sold around 1.5 million tickets within three months of the expo and also noticed a spike in merchandise sale. That’s when we realized that the total amount of merchandise we could sell in one year in Malaysia is the same that we sold in three days of focused selling,” Nitin said.

It was this awareness that prompted the company to found Xperium to create concepts and engagement programs for its customers, starting with the 50th anniversary celebration titled ‘Date with Doraemon’ in 2020. This 50-city campaign will be rolled out in 2019, offering different companies selective engagement activities and brand activation opportunities. The first event will be in April 2019, where brands can engage with selective 100 to 150 people for couple of hours.

source: http://news.retailnetworks.in/ai-licensing-india-introduces-experium-for-better-brand-engagement/

‘Assasins Creed’ crushes wine deal

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Ubisoft has signed a deal with winemaker Lot18 to release a limited-edition collection of wine that celebrates its gaming franchise “Assassin’s Creed.”

Each bottle sports a specially-designed label with graphics inspired by the game or the character associated with the wine. The wine selection includes a 2017 Aveline de Grandpré Appellation Côtes du Rhône Contrôlée; 2017 Arno Dorian Qualitätswein Niederösterreich Zweigelt; 2017 Altaïr Ibn-La’ahad Loire Valley IGP Cabernet Fran; 2015 Bayek of Siwa Spanish Tempranillo; 2016 Connor Horse Heaven Hills Cabernet Sauvignon; and a 2015 Ezio Auditore Super Tuscan.

Each product features the name of a character from the game and incorporates elements of their personality traits.

source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/video-games/assassins-creed-crushes-wine-deal

#SYBOMONDAY to take over License Global’s social channels


“Head to License Global’s social pages this Monday, Nov. 26, as SYBO Games, the company behind the top-selling mobile game “Subway Surfers,” stages the #SYBOMonday takeover.

“Subway Surfers” debuted six years ago as the brainchild of two animation students–Bodie Jahn-Mulliner and Sylvester Rishøj–who created a short about a rebellious character that graffitis a metro railway and must escape a grumpy inspector and his dog. 

The animated short won a Danish Animation Award and led the team to start SYBO Games. And since then, “Subway Surfers” has continued to ride a tidal wave of success.

“Subway Surfers” was the most downloaded game in the world in 2017, and in the spring, it became the first mobile game to reach 1 billion downloads on Google Play, according to SYBO Games. Recently, SYBO has expanded beyond gaming and animation and has jumped into merchandising with a desire to maintain the game’s visual style, a combination of hip-hop, skateboarding and graffiti, that is well known to its fans.

Notable partnerships include a collaboration with The Ave Los Angeles for limited-edition customizable Vans and the creation of the “Subway Surfers: The Animated Series” from DHX Media. In addition to its consumer-facing pursuits, SYBO Games has made a name for itself within the B2B licensing community, including a presence at Licensing Expo, Brand Licensing Europe and the 2018 NYC Licensing Summit.

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Funko forms classic characters

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Funko is set to release new figures inspired by a variety of entertainment properties.

King Features is on board for a Betty Boop Rock Candy Figure that sees Betty in her signature red dress with her hands on her hips; and a Pop! Nurse Betty Boop that features Betty in a nurse’s uniform with a stethoscope. Both items will launch in December, while a Sweetheart Betty Boop with a bouquet of roses and a red heart will roll out in January.

ABC Studios has inked a deal for “Scrubs”-inspired items including a Pop! J.D., Pop! Turk; Pop! Elliot and Pop! Dr. Cox, which will debut in January. The studio is also on board for “Boy Meets World”-inspired renditions of the characters Cory and Topanga, debuting in December.

WWE has paired for a new Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey Pop! that will launch this month.

Finally, Lionsgate Entertainment has agreed to release Funko figures based on the characters Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) from the film Dirty Dancing, as they appear in the famous dance scene. The figures are available for pre-order now at select online retailers.

source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/entertainment/funko-forms-classic-characters

Foaming fashion: Top beer brands score apparel deals

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Worldwide brewer AB InBev has signed a pan-European deal with Poetic Brands to produce apparel for adults that celebrates some of its most recognizable beer brands.

The deal will see Becks, Budweiser, Bass and Boddingtons featured across a variety of clothing items that will roll out at retailers including Asos, Jack & Jones, Next and George and more in Q1 of 2019.

“This is a fantastic deal, and we are very excited about developing this new range,” says Elliott Matthews, Poetic Brands. “All these brands offer us something really fun and innovative to work with and will tap into the almost tribal loyalty that people feel towards their favorite beers.”

Source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/corporate-brands/foaming-fashion-top-beer-brands-score-apparel-deals


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According to an annual survey released by The National Retail Federation, an estimated 164 million people are planning to shop from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday.

The survey found that of those planning to shop during the long holiday weekend, 21 percent (34 million) plan to shop on Thanksgiving Day, but Black Friday will remain the busiest day with 71 percent (116 million) planning to shop.

Forty-one percent (67 million) are expected to shop on Small Business Saturday, and 78 percent of those say they will do so specifically to support small businesses. On Sunday, 20 percent (32 million) are expected to shop. The shopping weekend will wrap up on Cyber Monday, when 46 percent (75 million) are expected to take advantage of online bargains.

“Whether it’s heading to the stores after finishing their turkey or going online on Cyber Monday, consumers will be shopping all weekend and retailers will be ready to meet the demand,” says Matthew Shay, president and chief executive officer, NRF. “Retail is a vibrant, dynamic and competitive industry, but one thing is certain–consumers are the winners no matter which day or which way they shop.”ADVERTISEMENT. CLICK FOR SOUND.

This year, 65 percent are shopping to take advantage of deals and promotions retailers will offer, while 26 percent cited the tradition of shopping over Thanksgiving weekend. Twenty-three percent said it is something to do over the holiday weekend, and the same number said the weekend is when they start their holiday shopping.

“While the long weekend always draws shoppers of all ages to take advantage of the irresistible deals and promotions that retailers are offering, we’re seeing a change in how the younger consumers see the weekend,” says Phil Rist, executive vice president, strategy, Prosper Insights. “Compared to older generations, younger consumers under the age of 35 are more likely to be attracted by the social aspects of shopping over the weekend or by the fact that it is a family tradition.”

The survey, which asked 7,516 consumers about their shopping

Source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/retail-trends/report-164m-plan-shop-during-thanksgiving-holiday

Final Nominees of LIMA Asian Licensing Awards 2018


The LIMA ASIAN Licensing Awards are widely recognized as the highest level of achievement in the industry and is dedicated to identifying the outstanding achievements in the Asian licensing markets. Winners will be announced during the Hong Kong International Licensing Show at the Opening Night Cocktail Reception on January 7, 2019:

This year, we have received nominations from 11 countries for 11 award categories and the number of nominations has increased by 30%.  The award judging mechanism is composed of 2 stages. At stage 1, the Awards judging panel gathered in October to shortlist final nominees. The 5 nominations with the highest total scores from each category will enter stage 2 where they will be placed online for a ballot by worldwide licensing industry players. Each voter (by company) will vote for one nomination in each category.

Asian Property of the Year

Property – Owner/Agent
Super Wings – ALPHA GROUP CO., LTD
Boonie Bears – Fantawild Animation Inc.

Corporate Brand / Lifestyle Property of the Year

Property – Owner/Agent
Coca-Cola – The Coca-Cola Company / CAA-GBG
Mickey Mouse – 90th Anniversary – The Walt Disney Company
Discovery Expedition – Discovery Communications, LLC / PPW Sports & Entertainment Limited
Pantone & Pantone Universe – Pantone LLC / PPW Sports & Entertainment Limited
Van Gogh Museum – Van Gogh Museum Enterprises B.V. / Shanghai Ruihe Culture & Art Development Co., Ltd

Digital Property of the Year

Property – Owner/Agent
Travel Frog – HIT-POINT / Alifish
Hatsune Miku – Crypton Future Media, Inc. / Shanghai Character Licensing Administrative Co., Ltd.

Entertainment Property of the Year – ANIMATED

Property – Owner/Agent
Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink – Fantawild Animation Inc.
PAW Patrol – Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products / Guangzhou Art-land Holding Co., Ltd.
Mickey Mouse – 90th Anniversary – The Walt Disney Company
Ejen Ali – Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation
Peppa Pig – Entertainment One

Entertainment Property of the Year – LIVE ACTION

Property – Owner/Agent
Avengers: Infinity War – The Walt Disney Company
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – Universal Pictures
Monster Hunt 2 – Edko Films Ltd.

Licensed Promotion of the Year

Promotion Name – Owner/ Promotion Licensee
Doraemon Selfie Contest – Fujiko Pro / ITC Limited
Super Wings X Yili QQ Star 2018 Summer Joint Promotion Project – ALPHA GROUP CO., LTD / INNER MONGOLIA YILI INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD.
PETS ROCK X Starbucks “Lets Rock” (China and Taiwan) – Polyblank Designs LTD (t / a Takkoda) / Starbucks
China Merchants Bank (CMB)”Angry Birds” Debit Cards – Rovio Entertainment Corp. / China Merchants Bank

Location-Based or Experiential Initiative of the Year

Name – Owner/Venue Partner
Miffy meets Kumoya – Mercis BV / Bakemono Pte Ltd
Angry Birds Play Center (ABPC) – Rovio Entertainment Corp. / Kidgoland International (Shanghai) Company Limited
Changi Loves Kids: Sesame Street has Arrived!- Sesame Workshop / Singapore Changi Airport
Frozen Carnival in Taiwan – The Walt Disney Company / Taipei 101
MTR Malls x Garfield G40 – Paws Inc. / MTR Corporation Limited

Retailer of the Year

Retailer – Property
Tmall – Avengers: Infinity War
Watsons – B.Duck
Baskin-Robbins – Despicable Me Franchise (Minions)
MINISO – Teddy Bear Collection

Licensee of the Year – Apparel & Accessory

Company – Property
Nautica – The Rap Of China
Li Ning – Mickey Mouse – 90th Anniversary
Hyungji Fashion Group Korea (Castelbajac) – Despicable Me Franchise (Minions)

Licensee of the Year – Houseware

Company – Property 
Menred Group Ltd. – Electrolux
Chengdu Fast Horse – KUNGFOOD
P&G(Olay) – Alice in Wonderland/Frozen/Mickey Mouse
A.S. Watsons Group Limited – Miffy
Shanghai M&G Stationery Company – Miffy

Licensee of the Year – Toy

Company – Property
Kai Shu Story – Super Wings
ledafood(Dongguan)Co., Ltd. – Peppa Pig
Hot Toys – Disney/Marvel/Star Wars
Uni-Fun – B.Duck
Mattel Inc. – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom