Licensing International



Why should you be a member of Licensing International?


Licensing International is an international organization for licensing industry professionals, including licensors, licensing agents, licensees, manufacturers, retailers and consultants.

Licensing is at a very nascent stage in India and it’s at the threshold of growth. The India Chapter of LIMA aims to be the definitive industry body that brings the industry together, allows for collaboration and helps simplify the business. You will have the following tangible benefits from partnering with Licensing International via its credibility and global presence: independent market intelligence, networking, education, free research, preferential pricing on international and local trade events and recognition of excellence. Here is a link that gives you this information-


Our global and local awards programs are carefully planned to recognize excellence in all facets of the business and over time we would like to increase the number of successful Indian entrants. We also look at recognizing talent. Licensing International’s Rising Star awards are designed to recognize and encourage the younger generation to pursue a career in licensing.

To be honest, these benefits may or may not directly impact your business in the short run.  However, my request is that you also look at how we will over time, build a credible industry body. This is something, which we will all collectively benefit from. Its only when we come together, embrace the association and contribute freely will you realize the full benefits and services on offer.


In addition to the benefits highlighted above, I have outlined a charter/goals for the India chapter:


  1. Licensing International has to be the bridge in sensitizing retailers, licensees and advertisers on the benefits of licensing. We will do so my building associations with Industry bodies that are engaging with these key stakeholders
  2. To educate and get more people aware of this great industry. In addition to conferences, we hope to build the industry at a grass root level via curriculum induction in marketing courses, credits in Bachelors and Masters programs in marketing and business administration. This site of India licensing Post will curate the best news and opinions from around the Globe that we can learn from and shine a light on local happenings across all streams of licensing.
  3. Support members via networking possibilities both globally with other partner’s members locally.
  4. Be a forum to address issues plaguing the industry. Over time, we would like to evolve as a body that would intercede for the industry in challenges that require an independent body to intervene on behalf of the members


We cannot do this alone.  I would urge you to become a member and together we can help build a vibrant business in India