McDonalds “Mind blown” by Discovery!

Are you the kind of soul that gets pumped up at the mention of the word ‘science’? Or, do nuts and bolts and screw drivers fascinate you? How many times have you found yourself glued to the television set when anything about mechanics is aired? Well, well, well… if all your answers to the questions above are in the affirmative then probably you would have an idea about Discovery Mindblown Robots… diving further in the Mariana Trench of science, we at McDonald’s believe in more than just theoretics and hence we are collaborating with none other than Discovery and have sealed the deal with their new brand #Mindblown on our mission to spread happiness around! So, dear Happy Meal Toy collectors, unleash the Einstein within you and make a move to the nearest McDonald’s India (South and West) restaurant and get your hands on these amazing Discovery Mindblown Robots designed specifically to satiate the scientist within you.

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