eOne Gets cozy with ‘PJ Masks’, ‘Peppa Pig’ comfy critters

Infinity Product Group has partnered with Entertainment One (eOne) to develop Comfy Critters products based on the “PJ Masks” and “Peppa Pig” properties.

Comfy Critters are wearable stuffed animals that offering multifunctional use as pillows, blankets or costumes. Infinity Product Group has previously partnered with Nickelodeon properties “Grumpy Cat” and Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar to create branded toys in the collection.

“Infinity Product Group continues unprecedented growth of the Comfy Critter Wearable Stuffed Animals, and we are excited to partner with the ‘PJ Masks’ and ‘Peppa Pig’ brands,” says Doug Keller, president and chief executive officer, Infinity Product Group. “The additions of these licensed characters are a testament to the relevancy and growth of Comfy Critters.”

The “PJ Masks” and “Peppa Pig” Comfy Critter characters are expected to debut in the fall.

Source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/toys/eone-gets-cozy-%E2%80%98pj-masks%E2%80%99-%E2%80%98peppa-pig-comfy-critters