After US success, Mask Club launched in the UK

LicensingSource.Net reports that after selling 1 million masks in the US, Trevco the company known for producing fashion accessories, has launched MaskClub in the UK.

The company which launched as soon as the Covid-19 virus was getting a grip in the US, set up the site in a record 4 days, is now set to serve the UK market with its model of delivering masks as a standalone product or as part of a subscription plan. The company boasts of a wide selection of masks from the 800+ brands it does business with from Popeye and Power Puff Girls for adults to Care Bears and Teen Titans Go! for kids.


“These are confusing times,” said Trevor George, founder of MaskClub. “We want to help families make the situation a little better, and hopefully brighter, by featuring beloved brands that resonate with children and making the act of mask-wearing less intimidating.

“By outfitting the whole household, children will hopefully find the act of mask-wearing less scary when seeing their parents wear it.”