A famous playwright once said “ What you consume is what you become”……


Today our planet consumes all kinds of natural resources and some unnatural resource as well. When I refer to unnatural resource I mean brands. We eat them, we LIVE them, we drink them and we dream about them. There is no escaping them. Brands hit us in all forms and sizes…be it superheroes, coffee, toys, apparels and even events. They leave an impression on us.

India is possibly the worlds youngest population filled nation. More than 500 million people in India are under the age of 40. They are not just 500 million in number, they are 500 million with smartphones, internet access, good education and an aspirational mindset. If somebody were to find the two inflection points in Indian consumer evolution, I would pick 1991-92,1995,1996 and 2009.

In 1991 India opened its doors to liberalization and a universe of ideas and opportunities.

In 1992 with Tamil Sun TV, India forayed into private television broadcasting.

In 1995 Cartoon Network first launched its India channel becoming India’s first kids channel.

In 2009, HTC launched HTC Dream, India’s first smartphone featuring a Google O/S.

Today we have over 28 million smartphones with data, 857 TV Channels and over 450 million Indians have access to Internet.

The above landmarks represent the landmark shift in consumerism in India.First came great content, then came great fanhood. Today people consume their favorite stars, brands on multiple levels. You might love watching Pokemon on TV, but you can now have a Pokemon lunch box, T shirt, stickers, toys and more. These expanded consumer product/ service related to a specific intellectual property or creative is essentially the face of the licensing industry. Licensing in India largely related to the consumer products space.

Licensing is not very old in India. From my perspective, Licensing industry is an industry created for the fans and people who hold mad love and passion for heroes, brands etc.

The need for licensing is there because somebody needs to assuage the hunger of fans!

The Licensed products consumer group

Lets delve into this. Somebody who knows a cartoon character, star or a hero decides that consuming just on TV/Theatre is not enough. He/She decides to display their love and passion for them by buying a product or service. This act is the first sign that there is a special relationship between the consumer and the brand as he/she buys a product which essentially gives them a license to celebrate this relationship. Kids are top rate consumers in this category as their affinity for their favorite stars extends into dozens of categories. Delhi toddler Arjun Gupta at 6 years owns around 17 different products with Captain America on it. There are countless kids in your locality who do exactly what Arjun or any other fan kid does.These children represent the eruption of a new age consumer, the consumer who wants the fullness/ wholesomeness in his brands experience.


Now what makes a cartoon character or star license worthy? He/She should have qualities which are not present in a normal human being and he/she should generate interest in themselves by their adventures and activitites. For Eg Kids love the costume of Captain America and the principles of “Faith” and “Honor” which guides his stories in beating up bad guys. Barbie still remains every living girl’s dream doll, it just weaves some magic into generations of kids by its appearance. Be it ChottaBheem,Spiderman, Wolverine, Superman or Batman, they all  connect with their fans at some “spiritual” level.

In order for this to happen, companies need to create world class literary characters who suit the palate of a variety of audiences. The writers/creators of characters and superheroes have to create a world which attracts audiences and invites them to live in it with open arms.


The Indian licensing products industry generates a revenue of over $350 million USD

(Rs 2340 crores) in retail sales according to some estimates but the potential is at least 10 times of that. This industry operates at multiple levels.

First, there is the studio/tv channel/production house who own a hit TV Show/movie etc. Second, there is a licensing division of this company or uses an independent licensing agency to license its cartoon characters or IP’s, Third are the licensees/ entrepreneurs/companies who pick up licenses of different IP’s for different product lines. Eg Hindustan Lever etc. And the last mile is the distribution/retailer ecosystem which sells products to the consumers directly.

The major licensors in India are Disney, Viacom 18, Warner Bros, Dream Theatre, Green Gold Animation, A.I.Licensing, Black White Orange, Carving Dreams and a clutch of selected agencies.

The products range from foods, apparels, toys,board games, back to schools products ( tiffin boxes, pencil boxes, backpacks, stationery products, sports items etc), book publishing and more.

Formula One Grand Prix also gave out license to build The Buddh International Circuit to Jaypee Group which put in an investment of over $200 million.


If one looks at the organized and unorganized retail market which is pegged at over $24.5 Billion USD in 2015 in a report by IBEF, the size of licensed merchandise business is tiny at $300 Million USD in retail sales. According to a recent study by VcCIRCLE and Technopak, the Indian education industry itself which is home to 10,000 plus colleges and over 1 million schools is estimated to be generating revenues of over $100 Billion USD with over 52% coming from schools alone. The licensing industry pales in comparison. WHY?

Lets try to get a perspective…


Licensing is an extension to the entertainment business which is already reaching 75% of Indian households through television, mobile phones, radio, internet. This ensures the brands get a huge audience and fans. So what is the reason the sales are so tiny. A lot of Licensees complaint of not being offered a fair market to sell in. As in piracy and smuggled goods reach retailers very fast who are not willing to pay the steep license fees and minimum revenues share. The case of for MG’s come from the high expectations of the Indian retail business. Somebody high up in Disney or other studios drum up the logic of a country of half a billion target consumers with at least a billion dollars in revenue. The reality of this is quite different. These overestimation of business revenues from India results in this lopsided state of the licensing industry in India. Then there are sectoral problems like high real estate prices, high rents and expensive man power. Otherwise what will explain this mismatch of $300 million USD for a market size of at least $20 Billion annually. Moreover 95% plus retail business owners (small family run businesses) in India don’t know about licensing and its benefits.

I have been engaged in producing and executing kids expos and help children brands improve their brand experience for over half a decade.The kids market is attracting 100’s of new entrepreneurs joining in every year.

In my experience , the following benefits can enable entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses from the licensing business. :-

1. The Licensing business already gives you a readily built brand. For an entrepreneur that’s the toughest thing to do. Telling a customer who visits your store about who Doraemon/Angry Birds is a non existent issue. The buyer knows exactly what he wants, all you need to do is give a good product at a competitive price.

2. Connects the entrepreneur to a global brand and its practices. As a license is obtained, a licensee is expected to match up to high quality manufacturing which ensures global exposure to him/her.

3. As we head to GST, and a more sharper tax regime, the licensee is far better equipped as he tabulates and manages his numbers more transparently as opposed to a regular business owner.

4. Content for television and film is exploding at the seams which ensures that the licensing business is here for many years to come. This should help entrepreneurs to plan for the future and even raise capital. Content ensures that the fan is always ready to buy a product.

5. The humongous growth of modern retail is here to stay, giving larger shelf space and more visibility to licensed products.

6. The potential of the kids space/licensed products is immense and is fundamentally a strong consumer story.


As licensing industry is only at less than 1% of its minimum potential, the Govt should look at Licensing as a made to order industry at a time when they are cracking on black money, changing currency and continuously reforming the tax structure. Licensing has everything transparent to offer. A good clean ecosystem, a sector which deals with the future generation of the nation and a unicorn area which can explode if given support.

I feel the government can do the following things :-

  1. Set up a Licensing committee at FICCI and CII to give the industry a voice on a big platform.
  2. Educate entrepreneurs and people in general through start up India and Make In India initiatives as a business/job of choice.
  3. Engage the I&B Ministry in the industry more actively
  4. Set up a anti piracy task force to crack down on fake goods in the market. This itself will give a revenue fillip.
  5. LIMA India should be involved in policy making to do with children consumer group.



In a country dominated by fans with their undying love for sports and entertainment, the future is nothing but bright for licensing businesses. With increasing tele density and wider coverage of 4G networks and a vast network of cellphones retail, content will reach more than 90% of India’s population. This will give fillip to both Indian and foreign content. Netflix and Amazon Prime TV have set up massive budgets for local content production in India.

Recently Mattel India created the exclusive Krrish action figures and merchandise for The Krrish movie franchise. The products were of world class quality. It was the first time an Indian IP went into such high quality merchandise strategy. Green Gold Animation’s stellar ChottaBheem character too has crossed borders by having a growing base of fans in Asia.

Theatrical Films release of Hollywood titles now has parallel release dates in India as with the US and other western markets. This keeps in full access to their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters.

India should eventually create an ecosystem of top rate licensed and should be the worlds top 5 licensing market given its enormous population and love for entertainment and sports.

Entertainment and Event properties are mushrooming all over India. IPL , ISL and Pro Kabaddi League are India created IP’s which can do phenomenally well as they are having a hug fan base.

In addition, the digital and web ecosystem are creating their own superstars like AIB,TVF etc.

Its my view that licensing as a business will grow exponentially. It just needs the right support and a fair playing field. With a revenue potential of billions of dollars, the Govt. should have a look at this promising industry which will benefit the consumers and the establishment.



About The Author:

Rahul Gupta is the Founder of World Children Expo(WCE) in India. In addition he runs a brand consulting outfit which helps kids focused brands/start ups in the edtech and retail spaces in fund raising and improving customer experiences.Rahul earlier worked with The Gotham Group in Los Angeles. He Holds a CFM from New York Film Academy and an MBA from S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai.

LIMA Names New Executives to Board of Directors

LIMA is pleased to announce the election of five new members to its Board of Director for the industry’s global trade organization.  Terms are for three years beginning on July 1, 2017.  In addition, Cindy Levitt, SVP Merchandise & Marketing, Hot Topic, was re-elected as Vice Chairman; and Ted Larkins, SVP/General Manager, CPLG North America was re-elected as Board Designate to the Executive Committee, each for one-year terms. Ciaran Coyle, Global Vice President & Head, Global Brand Licensing, Electrolux Global Marketing, continues as LIMA Board Chairman.

The LIMA Board of Directors for 2017 are as follows:

  • JJ Ahearn – Managing Director, Licensing Street, LLC
  • Marc Mostman – Partner, Striker Entertainment
  • Celso Rafael – General Manager, Exim Character Licenciamento e Marketing Ltda.
  • Steven Scebelo –  Vice President, Licensing & Business Development, NFL Players Association
  • Jamie Stevens – Executive Vice President, Worldwide Consumer Products, Sony Pictures Entertainment

“This year we welcome five dynamic individuals who will bring valuable perspective and enthusiasm to an already impassioned group of industry leaders,” said LIMA President Charles Riotto. “LIMA and the licensing industry continue to grow on a global scale, and we are well poised with our Board of Directors to truly shape the future.”

Adds Coyle: “I am very pleased to have such an enormously talented and diverse group of board members lending their expertise to LIMA as we seek new opportunities to serve the evolving needs of the global licensing community.”

Returning to the Board of Directors are:

  • Jay Asher – Partner, Brandgenuity
  • Richard Barry – EVP, Global Merchandising Officer, Toys”R”Us, Inc.
  • David Buckley – President, Copyrights Asia Limited
  • Andrew Carley – Head of Global Licensing, Entertainment One
  • Elise Contarsy – Vice President, Brand Licensing, Meredith Corporation
  • Eric Karp – GM, Outbound Licensing, Crayola, LLC
  • Linne Kimball – Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, The Life is Good Company
  • Kelly Knock – Licensing Lead/Category Manager, Global Licensing, Under Armour
  • Maria Del Carmen (Maca) Rotter Alday – CEO, Panaderia Licensing & Marketing
  • Neal Rudge – Partner, Pacific Licensing Studio Pte. Ltd.
  • Leigh Anne Schwarzkopf – Co-Founder, Project Partners Network

Greg Battersby of The Battersby Law Group remains General Counsel.

LIMA Board members whose terms expired this year are Henry Stupp, CEO, Cherokee Global Brands; Tim Kilpin, President & CEO, Activision Blizzard Consumer Products; and John Parham, President, Parham Santana.

To qualify for Board service, a LIMA member must be an active participant in the licensing industry for a minimum of five years as well as involved in one or more LIMA activities during the past three years. All candidates were required to submit a letter to the LIMA Board of Directors describing their qualifying activities and what they would contribute to the Association and the industry as a Board member.

Voting Open! China Licensing Awards 2017

Thirty five nominees across seven awards categories have been announced as finalists for the first China Licensing Awards! Winners will be announced at the China Licensing Awards Ceremony, to be held on the evening of July 18, 2017 in Shanghai during Licensing Expo China.

Voting is now open! We invite all licensing industry practitioners to submit their ballots online.


Property Owner/Agent
WUHUANGWANSHUI YiJianYuZhou(Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd.
BUDDING POP Block 12 Studio(shanghai)
BOONIE BEARS Fantawild Animation INC.
BATTLECLAW Uyoung Culture & Media Co., Ltd
ALI THE FOX Beijing Dream Castle Culture Co., Ltd.
Licensed Promotion Promotional Partner
Property Owner/Agent
PAUL FRANK CBG Original Culture (Shanghai) Co.Ltd
BARBIE Mattel Inc.
TEDDY BEAR COLLECTION Shanghai Skynet Brand Management Corp.,Ltd
ALI THE FOX Beijing Dream Castle Culture Co., Ltd.
MY LITTLE PONY Hasbro Trading (China) Co. Ltd.
Location-Based or Experiential Program Property
《GOATS STEPS》 Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
TEDDY COFFEE Teddy Bear Collection
Licensee Property
ELSKER Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
TIME 100 Barbie
JIN TAN LIMITED Ultraman Series
Property Owner/Agent
BIGFISH BEGONIA Shannan Enlight Ecommerce Co.,Ltd.
FANTASTICA Fantawild Animation INC.
ANGRY BIRDS Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Retailer Property
ZHE JIANG SEMIR GARMENT CO., LTD Doraemon-Semir’s case


Congratulations to the 2016-17 CLS Graduates!

LIMA would like to congratulate the graduates of the 2016-17 Coursework in Licensing Studies program! Once again, our CLS students have gone above and beyond in pursuit of licensing knowledge by completing this 60-hour intensive program. We recognize them for their hard work and dedication to licensing excellence – and, for the next three years, they will carry the distinction of Qualified Licensing Practitioner.

2016-17 Coursework in Licensing Studies Graduates

Krystyna BraxtonLicensing Coordinator, NFLPA
Calyn WongAssociate Licensing Manager, Consumer Products, Mattel SEA
Hyok Gun Cho –  StrongChina
Antonio J. GonzalezSSgt, USAF Branding & Trademark Licensing
Ian HoachlanderSSgt, USAF Branding & Trademark Licensing
Bradley A. KaschTSgt, USAF Branding and Trademark Licensing
Nathan JohnsonGroup Licensing Coordinator, NFLPA
Ninaki PriddyLucky Brand
Adam Richardson Licensing Sales Manager, Salesone International
Jeffrey Saunders MSgt, USAF Branding & Trademark Licensing
Wellington Silva – Creative Director, Mauricio de Sousa Produções
Raquel VillazonAccount Executive, Licensing Expo/UBM
Suli WibisonoTrademarks Attorney, Coles

There is still time to sign up for the 2017-17 CLS program! Interested in learning more? Contact LIMA’s Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Steve Sparacino at for further information.

Winners Announced for 2017 International Licensing Awards

Striker Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products each racked up a trio of wins at the 2017 LIMA International Licensing Awards, while Hot Topic was awarded Retailer of the Year for Suicide Squad™, marking the company’s second consecutive win in this category. Overall, winners in 20 categories were announced during LIMA’s annual Awards Ceremony, held during the 2017 Licensing Expo at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas.

“This year’s Award winners represent world-class licensing programs and products from around our global industry,” said LIMA President Charles Riotto. “We are proud to recognize and honor the achievements of these companies – chosen from a record 461 submissions this year – for their impressive initiatives and outstanding results.”

The full list of LIMA’s 2017 International Licensing Awards winners follows:


• Art/Design: V&A – Victoria and Albert Museum
• Celebrity/Fashion: Open Hearts by Jane Seymour  – Jane Seymour Designs/Licensing Matters Ltd.
• Character/Toy Brand: DC Super Hero Girls™ – Warner Bros. Consumer Products
• Corporate Brand: Girl Scouts of the USA – Girl Scouts of the USA/The Wildflower Group
• Digital: Five Nights at Freddy’s – Scottgames/Striker Entertainment
• Film/TV/Entertainment – Animated: PAW Patrol – Spin Master Ltd.
• Film/TV/Entertainment – Live-Action: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™ – Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media
• Food & Beverage/Restaurant: Corona – Constellation Brands/The Joester Loria Group
• Sports: NFLPA – NFLPA
• Licensed Promotion: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice™ & Turkish Airlines – Warner Bros. Consumer Products/Lisans A.S.
• Location-Based or Experiential Initiative: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ – Hogsmeade™ at Universal Studios Hollywood – Warner Bros. Consumer Products
• Retailer: Hot Topic – Suicide Squad licensing program


• Apparel/Footwear/Accessories: Coach – Mickey & Minnie Mouse/Disney Coach Collection
• Appliances/Automotive/Electronics/Hardware/Housewares/Paint: Select Brands – Disney/Pixar – Pixar Collection Slow Cooker
• Digital: NextGames – AMC’s The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Mobile Game
• Food/Beverage (Tie!): Finsbury Foods – Shopkins Cupcake Queen Cake; The J.M. Smucker Company – Pillsbury™ Girl Scout Cookie™ Inspired Baking Mixes
• Health & Beauty Aids: Clinique – Crayola Limited Edition Chubby Stick Lip Balm
• Home Décor: Jay Franco & Sons, LLC – Star Wars Back-to-College & Adult Bedding
• Publishing/Social Expression/Back-to-School: Scholastic  Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes  – Novel from Scholastic
• Toys/Games/Novelties/Role-Play: Mattel – DC Super Hero Girls Action Figures

LIMA Expands with Three New Global Representatives

LIMA is expanding its presence across the globe. The premier trade association for the worldwide licensing industry recently appointed representatives in three growth-oriented markets: Brazil, France and Russia, as well as naming a respected industry veteran as the new head of LIMA India.

“We recognize the importance of these markets for the global licensing community and by establishing on-the-ground presence we are able to better serve our membership,” said LIMA President Charles Riotto. “This is strategically in-line with our mission to foster the ongoing expansion of licensing around the world. Our industry continues to grow on a global scale, and LIMA is committed to providing best-in-class education, information and networking programs everywhere our members are and want to be.” The representatives for the new LIMA offices include:

  • Marici Ferreira, LIMA/ABRAL (Brazil)
  • Laurent Taieb, LIMA France
  • Jiggy George, LIMA India
  • Marina Semenikhina, LIMA Russia

“The addition of these new representatives also better addresses the needs of our members looking to expand into new markets, while providing a full suite of licensing essentials and representation on a regional level,” said Riotto.

LIMA Study: Global Retail Sales of Licensed Goods and Services Hit US$262.9 Billion in 2016

Retail Sales Up 4.4%;

Entertainment and Corporate Trademarks Lead the Way

Global sales of licensed products and services continued their solid growth pace in 2016, rising 4.4% to US$262.9 billion, according to the 2017 LIMA Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey.

Entertainment/Character licensing remains the largest industry category, accounting for US$118.3 billion, or 45% of the total global licensing market. Corporate/Brand Trademarks was the next biggest property type, generating US$54.6 billion in retail receipts for 20.8% of total revenues, followed by Fashion, with US$31.1 billion (11.8% of the total), and Sports at US$25.3 billion (9.6%).

The survey was conducted for the third straight year for LIMA by Brandar Consulting, LLC.

“The 2017 Survey reinforces the positive momentum of licensed products worldwide and across all categories, especially the large and growing Entertainment/Character sector,” said LIMA President Charles Riotto. “This year’s results also speak to the impressive reach and strength of licensing initiatives in growth markets around the world, contributing to the continued vitality of the industry.”

Among product categories, Apparel led the way with 14.9% of total global licensed retail sales, followed by Toys at 13.3% of the total, and Fashion Accessories at 11.3%. The fastest growing categories were Infant & Pet Products, as more licensors seek to capitalize on strong industry growth present in both sectors worldwide. Fueled by increases in home ownership and new housing starts in developing countries as well as a stronger housing market in the U.S., sales of licensed Home Décor products grew by 8.2% during the current survey period. The Video Games/Software/Apps segment was again a solid performer, growing 8.1%. It is now the fifth largest segment, accounting for 6.9% of revenue.

Royalty revenue from sales of licensed merchandise and services rose 1.3% to US$14.1 billion. This modest increase is the byproduct of a 3.5% decrease in the weighted average industry royalty rate, from 8.5% to 8.2%.

The U.S./Canada remains the largest market for licensed merchandise and services, with revenue accounting for 57.9% of the global total, up slightly from 57.7% last year. The Southeast Asia/PAC region was the fastest growing of all areas worldwide, with 6.8% year-on-year growth; it now accounts for 3.4% of global licensing revenue.

Further information from the LIMA Annual Global Licensing Survey will be published on LIMA’s website via the Inside Licensing news feed. The complete report, including regional and country-by-country breakdowns for major markets, will be made available at no charge to LIMA members later this summer.  Non-members can purchase the survey at

International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association Appoints Jiggy George as India Head

LIMA today announced that is has appointed Jiggy George its official head for India. A pioneer in the Indian licensing industry, George has over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Licensing.

India is a strategically important market for the licensing industry. LIMA early on recognized the market’s growth potential for the industry and is eager to partner with George to help realize this potential.   “With experience as a licensor, licensee and agent, Jiggy possesses a thorough knowledge of the licensing industry in India and of the overall regional market. He understands both the power and benefits of operating in India, as well as the challenges,” said LIMA President Charles Riotto. “We are excited to welcome him to LIMA and look forward to the unique perspective that he will bring to the position.

“Our goal for LIMA India is to unify licensing professionals through the development of valuable regional networking and educational opportunities. We are looking to reach not only those directly involved in licensing, but also those whose business is connected to our far-reaching industry.”

George is the Founder and CEO of Indian licensing agency Dream Theatre, established in 2010. Dream Theatre represents some of the most iconic international and domestic brands in India. Prior to this position, George set up and successfully ran the Viacom (MTV) and Turner (Cartoon Network and POGO) licensing businesses, most recently serving as Executive Director Cartoon Network Enterprises.

“With its rich history of entertainment and brand awareness coupled with strong economic fundamentals, the Indian licensing industry is poised for takeoff. This is the perfect time for LIMA to bring the key players together to jointly address the challenges and grow the licensing business in India,” said George.

LIMA Names 2017 Rising Star Award Winners

Thirteen Young Professionals from Across the Licensing Industry to be Recognized for Outstanding Work

LIMA has named the licensing industry’s Rising Stars Award winners for 2017. The accomplished group of 13 young professionals, who are already making their mark in the licensing world, will be recognized at LIMA’s 2017 International Licensing Awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 23, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas during Licensing Expo.

This year’s Rising Stars Award winners are:

  • Scott Halpern, Senior Licensing Manager, WWE
  • Yuki Jinza, Laura Ashley Japan
  • Curtis Matthews, Director of Product Approval, Striker Entertainment
  • Ryan McDonald, Coordinator, Business Development & Digital Licensing, NFL Players Inc.
  • Lauren Montemaro, Associate Director, Beanstalk
  • Will Ochoa, Associate Category Manager – Hardlines, Turner Broadcasting
  • Claire Pierce, Sales Director, Brand Licensing, Meredith Corporation
  • Becky Quinn, Manager, North America Licensing, Sesame Workshop
  • Naomi Rosenzweig, Licensing Manager, Berkshire Fashions
  • Nancy Sanieoff, Licensing Director, Brand Central LLC
  • Andi Scher, Senior Licensing & Marketing Manager, Richmond Management Group
  • Nicole Silberstein, Content Manager, Digital & Interactive, License! Global
  • Samantha Yang, Senior Brand Manager, Shanghai Skynet Brand Management Corp., Ltd


“The Rising Stars Awards recognize the next generation of leaders in the licensing business,” said LIMA Executive Vice President Maura Regan. “We’re thrilled to honor so many deserving individuals with this special distinction this year, and look forward to hearing more from these future game-changers in the years to come.”

The Rising Stars Award identifies professionals up to 35 years old with one to seven years of experience who have demonstrated a strong commitment to and passion for the licensing business. Other criteria for the Award include: individuals who seek additional professional development opportunities to improve their skills, have shown innovation in planning and implementing successful licensing strategies and have demonstrated leadership potential.

Last Call for Reservations: LIMA Member Meeting Lounge #A97 @ Expo

LIMA is once again offering the LIMA Member Meeting Lounge (booth #A97) during show hours at next week’s Licensing Expo. Table space is going fast (i.e. Tuesday @ 2PM is fully booked!) If you wish to reserve a meeting in advance, you must due so by 5:00PM EDT this Thursday, May 18.

Due to high demand, each LIMA member company may make one booking per day. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Space permitting, walk-up reservations can be made onsite.


The following procedures apply to LIMA member reservations:

  • Due to high demand, each LIMA member company may make ONE reservation per day (no exceptions).
  • The LIMA Member who reserved the table MUST be present at the scheduled time – you cannot reserve a table for a client unless you are in attendance at the meeting.
  • Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Time limit at the tables is 30 minutes and will be regulated by a LIMA staff member. Please adhere to this time limit so as many members have access to the meeting space as possible.
  • We ask that you cooperate courteously with LIMA staff members and temps when they inform you that your time is up.
  • There will be a 5 minute grace period for all reservations, after which the time slot will be forfeited and re-assigned to another member requiring space on a walk-in/as needed basis.
  • Walk-up reservations will be accepted for LIMA Members during the Expo, subject to space availability. Meetings may be booked on the hour and half hour only:


  • Tuesday, May 23 – 9:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Wednesday, May 24 – 9:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Thursday, May 25 – 9:30AM – 3:00PM


The LIMA Member Meeting Lounge is located at #A97 – please make sure the people you are meeting with go to the correct location and not the main LIMA Booth. To request a reservation, please email your designated contact:

Please provide the following information when requesting a reservation:

  • First and last name
  • LIMA member company name
  • Cell phone number and contact information at the Expo
  • Date of meeting
  • Time of meeting requested – please make sure times are on the hour and half hour only, and listed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Only reservations sent via email by this Thursday, May 18 at 5:00pm EDT will be accommodated. Telephone reservations will not be accepted. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation regarding the meeting space and reservation system. See you in Vegas!