Building an amazing body of work!

Driven by the values of trust, quality and excellence, Bodycare International in the past two decades has become a force to reckon within the innerwear market. Founded in the year 1992 by Mr. Satish Gupta, the company today enjoys the distinction of being the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Kids Undergarments, Thermals & Loungewear for the complete family.

IndiaLicensingPost spoke with Mr. Sachin Gupta, Director at Body Care International to get more insights on the company and more importantly his views on the licensing business.

ILP: Body Care was founded back in 1992 and has since grown by leaps and bounds not just in India but on the International stage. Can you shed some light on your growth in terms of growth of business or market share since inception? What do you attribute this to? Who are your key competitors?

Sachin Gupta (SG): In 1992 we started with just an installation of 2 sewing machines in our home and now have state of the art infrastructure with below facts and figures

  • The best manufacturing facilities comparable with those found across the globe.
  • About 300,000 sq ft area with units located at Noida, Delhi, Dehradun and Tirpur.
  • We produce north of 25 million pieces per annum and are further expanding.
  • We employ over 2500+ people.
  • We have a pan India presence with 300+ Distributors
  • Also a presence at 15000+ retail outlets

For more details can refer to our company website

ILP: You are currently tasked with HR, finance, admin and purchases of the company? That’s quite a diverse profile. How did that come to be?

SG: Being a family run business we are involved and aware of all the functions but the specific responsibilities are divided among family members based on their interest and capabilities and especially where one has the best skill sets.

ILP: According to the LIMA Global study 2017, licensed apparel at retail accounted for almost 15% of the overall $252 Bn retail market. How big do you think that share is in the Indian market?

SG: In India, the licensed apparel market is still not that big but growing at a faster pace. As per my understanding, it’s more related to retail formats as well. As more & more organized retail grows, the share for Licensed merchandise will increase.

ILP: Bodycare has been a pioneer on many fronts including:

  • Being the first to introduce Lycra stretch fiber in Inner Wear in India.
  • First to introduce Procian Printed Girls Panties in India
  • Latest Seamless innerwear technology


Would you also credit some of your success to the strategy of licensing global brands for your product portfolio? How has licensing helped you?

SG: Yes, the acquiring license at early stage has helped us lot not just in term of branding but has helped us increase our global exposure as well, which really helped in developing world class products.

Our tie ups with International licensors has also helped us to know the best international practices followed in branding and marketing.

ILP: Can you recount any one licensing program which worked well for BodyCare?

SG: Hannah Montana with Walt Disney, I feel is the most successful licensing program till date.

  1. What are your expectations from a licensor?

SG: Our key asks from any licensor are as follows:

  • They should create and maintain demand for the character.
  • Provide us licensees with style guides & design support by sharing best products across the globe.
  • Marketing and promotional support

ILP: Since you are in the organized retail space, how do you view piracy? What steps do you think the authorities can/should be taking to tackle the menace of piracy?

SG: Piracy is certainly a big challenge for our company as we trade in original IP. The current laws in India are not that strong which is actually helping the culprits. Many a time, licensors are not able to safeguard their own brands and take strong action, hence violators can operate without fear.