Leading M&E cos to participate in India Licensing Expo 2018

MUMBAI: Following its debut in 2017, License India is staging the second edition of India Licensing Expo, which will take place from23-24 August at the Bombay Convention And Exhibition Centre, Mumbai.

ILE is a brand licensing show and is supported by the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA), the leading trade organisation for the global brand licensing industry. The focus of ILE 2018 is to create greater awareness about the benefits of brand licensing to Indian retailers and the business community at large and to promote India as a burgeoning market in the global landscape.

With participation from more than 500 global and domestic brands with players like Viacom18, Green Gold Animation, Adlabs Entertainment, Angry Birds, ChuChu TV, Dream Theatre, Cartoon Network, WWE, Orion, DQ Entertainment and Bradford License India, ILE’18 will showcase the spectrum of licensing with business buyers across categories and territories expected to attend the show over two days.

The conference programme will see participation from executives including:

  • Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association  president Maura Regan
  • Licensing Brands managing partner Pete Canalichio
  • NBA MD  Yannick Colaco
  • Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products, VP, Licensing Business Development Dan Frugtniet,
  • Entertainment One senior VP international licensing Ami Dieckman
  • Rovio senior VP brand licensing Simo Hämäläinen
  • Lima India head Jiggy George
  • Celebrities Entertainment MD Ulf Vespermann
  • WWE senior director consumer products Licensing, Retail  Archana Keskar
  • BCCL director, business head brand extension Sandeep Dahiya
  • ALT Balaji CMO Manav Sethi
  • Adlabs Entertainment joint CEO Dhimant Bakshi

The event also includes a master class (for limited 30 delegates) scheduled on 22, 23 August 2018 culminating into India Licensing Awards on 23 August 2018.

The forum highlights the potential of the emerging Indian licensing industry by bringing together the players of this dynamic industry and by creating a platform for education, growth, and networking in the given peripheries.

“We have been successful in portraying India Licensing Expo as a dedicated hub for licensing professionals. Licensing Industry in India is definitely on an upward trajectory and through ILE 2018, we intend to bring the global understanding to Indian landscape, further propagating this business model,” said License India chairman Gaurav Marya.

The show brings together a wide range of intellectual properties comprising characters, entertainment, celebrity, corporate, sports, art with an aim to encourage and enable licensing professionals to network and capitalize on opportunities and structure a concrete licensing program for retailers to leverage on.

“LIMA is committed to the continued growth and expansion of licensing around the world, and we are proud to support this show dedicated to licensing in India. It is important for the advancement of our business to come together in India, make connections and learn about this active market that is poised to achieve great things in the coming years,” said LIMA president Maura Regan.

“India has seen a massive surge in licensing in the last few years – there is consolidation and growth in key categories, the emergence of new genres and greater presence of licensed products at retail. LIMA India continues to bring the fraternity together to boost it further and we are very happy to partner with ILE in this journey as we continue to grow the industry and celebrate its success,” said LIMA India head Jiggy George.

“I attended the inaugural License India Show in August 2017 as an exhibitor as well as a guest speaker. I thoroughly support License India as a well overdue specialised and focused Licensing show for such a dynamic market like India. I firmly believe in the value of annual Licensing shows and attend them all over the World and I will continue to support License India both as a Licensor (Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products) and as an attendee in future,” said Viacom Consumer Products Vice President – Licensing & Business Development Dan Frugtniet.

“India Licensing Expo was a great venture initiated in 2017. It’s one of the right paths to evolve brand licensing in India. With the participation of LIMA, top brands and the exchanges of knowledge we can see this platform been built to ensure a bigger identity to the licensing universe and brand capitalization. We look forward to a greater show in 2018,” said Green Gold Animation COO & Exec. Director Samir Jain.

“India is an important market for WWE with a massive fan base that we believe deserves localized product solutions. We were pleased to participate in India’s first Licensing show backed by LIMA, organised by License India. It was a very well put-together event including the master class, seminars and panel discussions that are key to continue the education of global standards & facilitate relevant conversations in the market,” asserted WWE Senior Director – Consumer Products Licensing & Retail (India) Archana Keskar.

source: https://www.televisionpost.com/leading-me-cos-to-participate-in-india-licensing-expo-2018/

India Licensing Exhibition 2018 Conference Agenda

10:00 – 10:40
INAUGURAL SESSION Reimagining the retail paradigm in India

With India beginning to “realize” the power of brands and nostalgia in retail, Indian retail fraternity is finding newer ways to engage with the consumers, consumer products segment being one of those. Pushing boundaries beyond the conventional ways, retailers are joining forces with entertainment, character, sports and celebrity brands to rake moolah. The session will cover

  • The changing face of retail in India
  • Using brand pull to tap the Gen Y
  • The big play of brand licensing: intersection of retail and brand connect
  • Global trends re-shaping in Indian economy
  • New Licensing Opportunities to watch out for

10:40 – 11:00
SESSION 1 Keynote -The future of TV in India

11:00 – 11:50
SESSION 2 The New Digital Entertainment Ecosystem

This talk will provide expert insight to the new digital entertainment ecosystem with a focus on building brands, creating captivating content, and unlocking value at scale.

  • Entertain me or Else: How to Win the Battle for GenY and gen Z time & attention?
  • Repacking Yesterdays’ entertainment for 21st century audiences
  • Increasing availability of localized content – Is this a game changer for entertainment industry?
  • Navigating the rapidly changing viewership scenario – from ‘inform’ to ‘entertain’
  • Creating a holistic content marketing strategy
  • Getting personal –. Can personalization be scaled? Building IP’s around short-form video and
  • Brilliance can come from any source in today’s entertainment industry – podcast, social media-shared video, or a plain old TV show or film.
  • Fast & Furious: Maximizing overnight sensation IP creation.
  • Movies and music on Facebook and Instagram
  • Evaluating impact driven by YouTube and digital influencers
  • The New age of Hit making

11:50 – 12:00 Tea Break

12:00 – 12:30
SESSION 3 The State of Stream

Entertainment-on-demand has built a complex streaming economy, with a new group of media
power players calling the shots. Business strategies vary wildly. User-generated content mixes with
premium offerings across platforms. The streaming elite debate what’s next.

12:30 – 1:15
SESSION 4 Building the Cult Fashion

Penetrating deeper into consumers mind: the dynamics of addressing demand or creating it

  • Why Menswear Is Having a Moment
  • How to Get Your Fashion Label Off the Ground in record time
  • The Power of Influence(R)
  • Limited editions and capsule collections
  • To be Celebrity Led in the World of Fashion
  • From reverence to relevance – Using the power of brands and pageants to build assets
  • The Intersection of Fashion, Technology + Experiential Travel

1:15 – 2:00 LUNCH

2:00 – 2:45
SESSION 5 The Future of Sports

Influencing the consumer beyond the thrill of the game

  • Digital is where the future lies – reimagining the channel of engagement
  • Sports Teams and the Digital Fan Experience – Driving Engagement and Cut-Through
  • Cultivating Creativity: The Mass Impact of Innovation in Sports
  • Teamwork beyond the Field: Value-Driven Partnerships
  • The Big Business of Sport: A Brand Perspective
  • Sports as Theatre : Reimagining The Biggest Stage
  • Sports League and Sports Deals
  • The Borderless Business of Sporting Spectacles

2:45 – 3:15
SESSION 6 Keynote: How to go from Reverence to Relevance?

3:15- 4:00
SESSION 7 Reimaging, Rediscovering and Reinventing Your Brand

  • How to make your brand voice more conversational
  • Re-inventing the business towards a new, digital-centric organization
  • Staging a Brand Rebellion by Embedding influencers in every stage of Consumer journey

4:00 – 4:45
Session 8: Brand + Licensing – The Way Forward?

This session will give insights into how an amalgamation of brands and licensing is a win-win formula
for retail.

  • How Brand + Licensing paving way for new innovations?
  • New properties, new IPs, innovative categories and licensing
  • How licensing is evolving in Indian market
  • Progressing with the needs & wants of new-age consumer
  • Unconventional licensing deals in India

4:45- 5:30
SESSION 9: Licensing from the lenses of Indian Market

Given the mammoth potential of brand licensing as a business strategy, a plethora of home grown
brands are exploring opportunities with their IPs. This session will give insights into how home-grown
brands are evaluate their IPs for extension.

  • How licensing works in India market vis-à-vis global markets
  • The curve of ‘unlearn’ and ‘re-learn’ in India
  • Sectors that have taken a leap with licensing
  • Home grown, home licensed
  • Case studies of licensing done right in Indian markets
  • Going global with local IPs

5:30 – 6:00
Valedictory Keynote

Mojostar and Jacqueline Fernandez team up to launch a female-only fitness and fashion brand


Co-created and co-owned by Mojostar and Jacqueline, Just F is a move to redefine the female active-wear space in India

With an aim to bring the ‘F’ factor back into feminine fitness, Mojostar has recently joined forces with leading Bollywood superstar Jacqueline Fernandez to launch Just F, a female-only fitness and fashion brand. The launch of Just F marks the second co-created brand launched by Mojostar, which has been consolidating its position as a world-class ‘house of brands’. Mojostar is founded by two industry veterans – Anirban Blah, founder and MD of KWAN entertainment and Jiggy George, founder and CEO of Dream Theatre. It also marks the launch of first fashion brand created by Jacqueline, who is already a top style, fashion, and fitness icon in India.

Co-created and co-owned by Mojostar and Jacqueline, Just F is a move to redefine the female active-wear space in India. A combination of fresh design, functionaility for fitness and trendy fashion JUST F’s offerings are unabashedly feminine. The products have been developed to meet the specific requirements of the style-conscious, trendy, and free-spirited 20-something Indian women.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Abhishek Verma, CEO, Mojostar, said, “Active-wear trends in India are still heavily dominated by the needs of male consumers. Brands in this space still have a primary share from male consumers, leaving gaps in the offering for young Indian women. Just F is our way of giving female consumers, products which cater to their needs and sensibilities.”

Just F will launch a range of stylish athleisure outfits, covering a range of trends and use cases such as: monochromes, floral infuse activewear, club-inspired active wear, functional sports bras, colour blocking etc. The brand has also paid great attention to detail in terms of construction and sizing, designing products which are better suited to the body type of Indian women. Crossover styling across the range helps women to fashionably achieve their fitness goals while bringing the fun back into the mix.

“Inputs and insights from Jacqueline, who is not only a leading Bollywood star but also a style icon and a very vocal promoter of wellness and healthy living, have played a big role in defining the brand identity and product design. We are confident that these products will be well-received in the market, and will help meet the need of young Indian women,” he added.

Jacqueline Fernandez said, “I have always believed that fitness and fashion are not destinations, but fun-filled journeys. They are, to me, a way of living, and as such I want my active-wear to reflect my personality and complement my lifestyle. Launching Just F, a feminine take on fitness from my perspective is a big moment for me. I am confident that the brand will meet and exceed the expectations of young women across India, who want to fulfill their fitness requirements without breaking the bank or compromising on style.”


Courtesy: https://brandequity.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Mojostar to launch Jacqueline Fernandez’s fashion brand after Tiger Shroff’s PROWL

“The fashion market in India is valued at about Rs 75 billion to Rs 80 billion and while estimates may vary only about 20%-25% is organised.”

Working on Tiger Shroff’s activewear brand PROWL and the launch of Jacqueline Fernandez’s fashion brand next month, Mojostar plans to redefine the way celebrity retail brands are marketed in India. In a chat with Moneycontrol, Abhishek Verma, CEO, Mojostar talks how the organised fashion sector is growing in the country. With his previous experience as head of Myntra Fashion Brands, Verma also talks about the involvement of celebrities in creating these brands.

Tell us about the fashion market in India?

The fashion market in India is valued at about Rs 75 billion to Rs 80 billion and while estimates may vary only about 20%-25% is organised. Out of this the overall online fashion market is only 5%. That is the space we are trying to develop. Growth indices suggest we have a lot to do in the segment and the fashion market is growing in double digits. Three to four years down the lime the market is expected to touch 100 billion dollars and if all goes the way it is at present one third of the market should be organised which would give a lot of scope for new brands in the fashion segment to make the most of the organised market and its growing popularity.

Which celebrity brands are you working with this season?

Mojostar aims to create a portfolio of 3-4 celebrity brands in lifestyle space, with each brand creating value upwards of $100 million over the next five years. We have already finalised Jacqueline Fernandez and Tiger Shroff for its first set of celebrity brands. Though initially the focus will be primarily online, we plan to retail our product in an omni-channel manner.

How does Mojostar function? How exactly do you assist the celebrities when they launch their own brands?

We partner with top celebrities to co-create authentic, high- impact indigenous brands in the lifestyle space. With three celebrity-driven brands lined up for launch in 2018, Mojostar envisions building a world-class ‘house of brands’ which leverages the power, draw, and allure of celebrities to provide enriching brand experiences to fans. We identify high potential consumer white spaces in the lifestyle market and match them with celebritie. Being consumer backed and not celebrity forward in its approach, makes Mojostar different from other players. Mojostar backs this approach with a strong in-house capability of design, product development and supply chain.


You have prior experience of working in Myntra where we have seen Hrithik launching HRX and Deepika launching ‘All about you’. How involved are these celebs in the brand they create?

The celebrities have a four stage involvement with their brand. First they decide what the brand would communicate and what the brand philosophy is then they do the direction setting in regards to design followed by product strategy in terms of quality etc and finally promoting the brand which is the most important part. The brand has a soul and this soul is represented by the celebrity.

What are your plans for Mojostar?I aim to leverage my experience with functions such as design, sourcing, buying, merchandising, marketing, planning, sales, technology, and product to drive Mojostar’s success. With a view to using tech disruption to reorganize value chains and create new business opportunities, I envision combining the power of celebrities, product excellence, and authentic brand development to create a house of multi-million dollar Indian brands in fashion, fitness, and personal care.


Courtesy: https://www.moneycontrol.com

Global candy giants Mondelez, Nestle hike prices, feel the crush of domestic rivals


MUMBAI: Local candy makers, including Parle, and DS Foods grabbed shares from multinationals in the Rs 7,500-crore confectionery segment, as per latest Nielsen data sourced from industry officials.

Global firms such as Perfetti Van Melle, Mondelez and Nestle either remained stagnant or lost share last calendar year, hurt by higher prices of their wares in a stressed market due to demonetisation. Marketers feel even a 50 paise price hike could impact growth in the price sensitive category.

Over the past three years, Mondelez India relaunched Halls from 50 paise earlier to Rs 1 and doubled its price of Choclairs to Rs 2 while Perfetti Van Melle India launched most of its candies including Alpenliebe at Rs 1 and upwards. Parle Products, however, kept their product prices unchanged. “Post demonetisation, lot of lower denomination currency came back into circulation that had helped sales for a 50 paise product.

But at the same time, the practice of consumers accepting a Rs 1 toffee from grocers stopped to a large extent,” said B Krishna Rao, category head at Parle Products that sells brands including Mango Bite and Poppins. Parle gained 160bps in 2017 with 16% in the confectionery space, while Perfetti lost share marginally by 20bps at 10.2%. Including chewing gums, Perfetti is by far the market leader controlling nearly a quarter of the overall market. As a category, the entire industry has been trying to move to Rs 1 price point after increase in the price of sugar, other raw materials and even packaging costs.


“The focus has been on premiumisation with significant growth achieved for the Rs 1 and above portfolio in the confectionery segment. Growth has been achieved through introduction of differentiated offerings under the Candyman range,” said a spokesperson at ITC that gained 130 bps to reach at 10.2% share. To be sure, India’s leading chocolate makers too posted near decade-low growth in sales last fiscal, as health-conscious consumers cut back on discretionary buying in a slowing economy.

Mondelez, India’s largest chocolate maker, and Nestle’s chocolate divisions saw sales rise by about 6% each in the year to March 2017 — better than a year ago but far from the double-digit growth the candy rivals have seen in most of the last decade. Yet, they remain bullish in the candy segment that has also seen a rush of new players both from large food companies such as DS foods as well as regional local brands.

“As leaders in chocolates and strong challengers in other categories we operate in, we continue to invest and innovate our brands,” said Amit Shah, associate director — marketing (gum, candy & beverages) at Mondelez India, that sell Halls and Cadbury Choclairs. Perfetti too posted below 1% growth for the second consecutive year last fiscal and said competition is getting intense, especially in the candies segment.

“Whilst we had moved much of our portfolio from the 50 paise price point to Rs 1, with product value addition, the bulk of the market stays at 50 paise, leading to strong market challenges,” it said in the annual filing with the Registrar of Companies last year.


Courtesy: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com

Tiger Shroff launches active lifestyle brand ‘PROWL’


MUMBAI: Joining the long list of celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and Virat Kohli, Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff has unveiled his first active lifestyle brand, PROWL.

The brand is jointly created and owned by Shroff and Mojostar, a joint venture between Kwan Entertainment and Dream Theatre.


This is the first brand launch for Mojostar, which has plans to create a house of lifestyle brands with celebrities.

PROWL will target young consumers, who lead a high activity lifestyle and are constantly on the move. It will feature clothing and accessories to fit the target consumer’s active lifestyles.

PROWL is expected to go live for consumers by June 2018 and products will be priced between Rs 1,000 – 3000, available on all leading e-commerce platforms.

Abhishek Verma, CEO, Mojostar said, “There is a gap in the active wear market; in products for hyperactive young Indians. We find that traditional active wear brands have over specified the products, whereas the young consumers want simplified functional products that offer great style. Products that help you look amazing, are suited for multi-functional movement and are easy to maintain, is the need of this market. We are committed to providing that.”



tiger-shroff-prowl“I am a part of creating this brand and it feels great to be involved with everything and at every stage. This brand is a reflection of my identity and this is how I live. I love to be active through the day, which is why I want to wear something that is stylish, looks good, and yet gives me the freedom of uninhibited movement”, said Tiger Shroff.

Pegged at around $7 billion in size, active wear industry is growing at 18-20% annually. However, the space is dominated by international brands.


Courtesy: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com

Femina FLAUNT launches eyewear with IRIS Brands


Betting big on brand licensing for expansion, Femina FLAUNT – the retail brand by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. owned Femina, has announced its collaboration with IRIS Brands LLP, to launch Femina FLAUNT collection of Eyewear.

The collection that includes both, sunglasses & optical was launched at the recently concluded International trade fair and exhibition – Optic India 2018, in Mumbai.

This associated follows Femina’s successful foray into the consumer products space with Shoppers Stop across core fashion categories – Apparel, Footwear, Bags and Accessories, in 2015 and with All Good Scents for fragrances.

Priced from Rs.1700 to 4,000, the Femina FLAUNT eyewear collection will be available across 200 outlets to begin with, comprising of modern retail, specialty chains, general trade and online. The collection offers in-trend retro chic shapes, styles & colors with an international pallet & hybrid iteration.

Details like clustered gemstones diffuse a high-glam look for experimental and classic eyewear profiles. Saturated bright colours, pastels, neutral watered-down color tones add to the subtle, yet refined look.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sandeep Dahiya, Director & Business Head – Brand Extension, BCCL, said, “Branded eyewear is a rapidly growing category, given today’s lifestyle and aspirations. We’re excited to partner with IRIS, to launch Femina FLAUNT eyewear. Designed for young, modern women who like to step out in style, the collection strikes a perfect balance between style and comfort.”

He further added, “The launch of eyewear is in line with our plans to add complementing categories to Femina FLAUNT’s core range of fashion offerings.”

Speaking about the Flaunt Eyewear collection, CEO of IRIS, Bhavin Kothari said, “the collection offers Indian women an opportunity to explore their personalities and style quotient from suiting their face contours to the eclectic color palette and their individual fashion sense. In today’s current scenario where women are taking the front stage on all major world issues, empowering them with bold eyewear will allow them to play their multiple roles with élan. “

IRIS Brands is promoted by the rich legacy of Ganko Opticians, the 75-year-old company that has a trusted goodwill with opticians across India.


Courtesy: https://www.licenseindia.com

Mars Wrigley to Open Valentine’s Pop-Up


Twix, Snickers , Altoids and more inspire salon-themed pop-up for Valentine’s Day.

NORTH AMERICA–Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. is set to open its first-ever chocolate- and candy-inspired pop-up salon, dubbed the Sweet Retreat, in New York City.

The Sweet Retreat by Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. will feature candy-, chocolate-, gum- and mint-themed experiences, dubbed “treatments,” and will include services such as manicures, blow-outs and makeup counters.

The curated spa treatments will feature products inspired by the company’s portfolio including a candy counter makeup bar inspired by Dove chocolate, M&Ms, Twix and Snickers, Skittles inspired pedicures, Snickers inspired pedicures, blow-out inspired by altoids and Extra gum and more.

The event was inspired by insights from a recent report conducted by Mars Wrigley Confectionery, which found that 74 percent of people believe a treat is sweeter when shared with a friend, while 66 percent report that sweet treats are a go-to gift for friends and family members.

“Our beloved treats play a unique role in consumers lives, and we wanted to do something fun in tribute to our brand fans this Valentine’s Day,” says Berta De Pablos-Barbier, president, Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. “You don’t need a manicure or a blow-out every day, but it’s a nice way to treat yourself now and then–and we look at our products the same way. They’re not an everyday snack, but a treat to indulge in from time to time. We are looking forward to bringing this idea to life by using our iconic brands in an unexpected way–there is no better time to treat each other, and this is the ultimate opportunity to spend time with a loved one.”

The Sweet Retreat by Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S. will take place Feb. 13-14 at 230 West 39th Street in New York City.

‘Masha’ Heads to Nick Jr. India


The series’ first season will be broadcasted twice a day on the network.

ASIA–Animaccord has partnered with Nick Jr. India to being airing the animated series “Masha and the Bear.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Nick Jr. India will begin airing the first season of “Masha and the Bear” on Nov. 13. The episodes will be broadcasted twice a day each day of the week.

Belgian beer brands Chimay and Delirium to enter India


Both Chimay and Delirium will be imported, distributed and marketed in India by New Delhi-based Hema Connoisseur Collections

It’s brewed by monks within the walls of an abbey and profits from it go to charity. Now, Belgium’s Chimay, one of only 11 so-called Trappist beers in the world, will be available in India.

Chimay is entering the Indian market at a time the Belgian royal couple King Philippe and Queen Mathilde are in India to mark 70 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Along with Chimay, Belgian beer Delirium, with its famous pink elephant logo, is also entering the Indian market. India will be the 60th market for Chimay and Delirium—two of the finest makers of ales in the world.

Both Chimay and Delirium will be imported, distributed and marketed in India by New Delhi-based Hema Connoisseur Collections Pvt. Ltd, an importer, and distributor of some of the top international liquor brands.

“India is probably the most difficult market. But the potential is huge. The beer market in India has matured in recent years, and a section of the society is exposed to Belgian beers which are known for quality, tradition, and sustainability. We feel this is the right time,” said Alain de Laet, chief executive officer, Huyghe Brewery that owns the Delirium brand.

Delirium and Chimay have co-marketing arrangements and share a common brand ambassador for marketing their beers.

“Chimay and Delirium will be the most expensive beers in India. These are premium specialty beers. We are not into the volume game. We don’t just sell bottles, we sell good moments. We are here because we feel India is ready for our beer,” said Edwin Dedoncker, managing director, Bières et Fromages de Chimay that owns Chimay beer.

Both Chimay and Delirium will be priced Rs550 a pint bottle (retail) in India. Initially, the two Belgian beers will be available across selected eight retail outlets in New Delhi, six top hotels, a few restaurants and 18 pubs, including 12 units of Beer Café. “Within a few weeks, we’ll have a similar presence in Mumbai and Pune. There is no immediate plan to expand further,” said Amit Agarwal, chief executive officer, Hema Connoisseur Collections.

Chimay and Delirium will focus on brand building at restaurants and pubs through sampling, and organize tasting events. “The marketing will be focused and we hope word-of-mouth to drive demand,” added Dedoncker.

Initially, the companies will sell two variants of Chimay—Gold (4.8% alcohol) and Red (7% alcohol), and Delirium’s Tremens and Nocturnum (both 8.5% alcohol) in India. Chimay Tripple, which comes with 8% alcohol content, will be launched in India soon.

While more than 80% of beers sold in India are variants of “strong” (more than 5% alcohol content), consumers have been shifting toward mild versions in the past couple of years after the concept of craft spread to India. In 2016, the size of India’s beer market stood at 2.92 billion liters, up from 2.74 billion liters a year ago.

Belgian beer is not new to Indians. Ankur Jain, founder of B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd, made Indian drinkers aware of Belgian brands after he launched Bira91 in 2015. Bira was initially brewed in Belgium, and imported, bottled and sold in India as the country’s first handcrafted beer.

Before Bira, Jain had been importing about 50 craft beers from Europe (a bunch of them from Belgium) to sell in India since 2007. Jain closed the import business soon after he launched Bira. And he still loves Chimay.

“Love the brand. I will be one of the first buyers of their products once it hits retail,” Jain said. However, the Bira founder believes Chimay is unlikely to have volumes because of the price.

Owners of Chimay and Delirium are not looking for volumes either. “We’ll be happy with 1,500 hectolitres in the first year for each of the brands,” said Dedoncker.

The Delirium CEO, however, believes that India can be as big as China for both the brands. In China, Chimay sells about 8,000 hectolitres and Delirium 12,000 hectolitre a year. “In the longer term, India can become the fourth largest market (outside the home market) for both the brands,” said the Delirium CEO. At present, the US, China, France and Canada are the top markets for Chimay and Delirium.

Annually, Chimay exports about 60% of the 190,000 hectolitres of beer it produces while Delirium exports 81% of 200,000 hectolitres of beer it brews a year. Typically, the two brand increase production by 10% annually.

Beer pubs are upbeat. “Chimay is one of the most prestigious Trappist beers in the world. At Beer Café, these are the most premium beers on the menu. We have already witnessed a sense of exuberance among beer aficionados,” said Rahul Singh, founder and chief executive of Beer Café.