Epic Games teases Fortnite collab with Uniqlo

Epic Games has given gaming fans a teaser of a new apparel collaboration with Uniqlo for the “Fortnite” franchise.

The video game studio teased the potential collaboration on its social media channels with the caption, “coming soon.” Epic’s announcement comes on the eve of the of the FIFA World Cup “Fortnite: competition. The biggest competition in the “Fortnite” esports field, the series offers $30 million as part of its prize pool.

For Uniqlo, a new partnership with Epic would continue its push into the gaming arena. The fashion company has previously partnered with studios such as Blizzard and Nintendo for t-shirt collaborations.

Source: https://www.licenseglobal.com/video-games/epic-games-teases-fortnite-collab-uniqlo