‘Game of Thrones’ Welcomes New Licensees

Bacci Sourcing, Nemesis Now, Drop Dead Clothing and more are on board to extend the popular HBO program in apparel, art and more.

EUROPE–Bradford License Europe and HBO Global Licensing have secured a variety of licensees to further extend the “Game of Thrones” consumer products program in Europe.

The brand’s new licensing partners include:

  • Bacci Sourcing & Consulting for apparel;
  • Jasmine for metal wall art;
  • Nemesis Now for drinkware, including goblets, tankards and shot glasses;
  • Half Moon Bay for giftware including glassware, bowls and plates; and
  • Drop Dead Clothing for apparel.

“Game of Thrones” is set to return to HBO in 2019 for its eighth, and final, season.