Marshmellow teams up with Fortnite for first ever in-game concert

If you’re not into EDM music or gaming, this piece of news is probably not for you. However for the rest of the world, especially fans of global sensation Marshmellow and Fortnite, the weekend demonstrated what the future of gaming could look like.

Image Source: marshmellomusic

Masked dance music DJ, friend of Ninja, and host of his own cooking channel Marshmello played a live concert in Epic Game’s Fortnite this weekend. For the duration of the 10-minute show at Pleasant Park, which was broadcast across thousands of servers, weapons were disabled and respawns turned on so players could concentrate on deploying dance emotes instead of murder.

For those who missed the concert, you can watch it on youtube here >> so far the video has racked up over 9 million views globally. One Indian fan says, its the first ever concert to be hosted inside any gaming universe” and that makes it EPIC! (no pun intended)

Marshmellow is slated to perform in Hyderabad on 15 Feb and Gurgaon on 16 Feb.