Highlights of Rajiv Chilaka’s conversation with Jiggy George

Our inaugural webinar for 2020 featuring the Founder & CEO of Green Gold Animation Mr. Rajiv Chilaka was a hit on all fronts. Despite it be being a late Friday evening slot (6PM) India time, we managed a full house (think a large sized Starbucks Café cramped with over 100 enthusiastic students of licensing), the conversation between Rajiv & Jiggy was top calibre warranting a slot on the Ted Talks podcast channel. If you want to re-experience the session in its entirety. You will have to head over to licensinginternational.org/webinar – don’t forget to sign in using your member credentials though.

Here are some gems that flowed through the evening from the super modest, yet mighty ambitious Rajiv.

On how Bheem came into his life….

“When I was small, I was a poor eater, my parents used to say, You have to eat like BHEEM!”

On Chhota Bheem’s positioning thought process….

“In BHEEM we wanted to connect everything Indian kids should be proud off”

A marketing gimmick which worked….

“We made some Chhota Bheem merchandise – took it to a Makar Sankranti fair, put a TV there & sold out in 6 hours!”

During the Days of Exponential growth….

“Our warehouse space went from 200 sqft to 2000 sq ft to 20,000 sqft in 1 year!”

“From 1 product to 30 products”

On how business can be Human….

“So many times I went to a child who was crying and gave him Bheem merchandise”

Best advice for budding entrepreneurs…

“I would advise IP creators to focus on creating IP”

Whether OTT is going to eat into TV’s share?

“Mighty Little Bheem can go from TV to OTT and vice versa. It’s a WIN WIN scenario.”

How Netflix happened…

“In 2012 our goal was to be on Netflix, but it didn’t happen till 2014.”

Future ambitions….

“We want to Open a theme park”

“We want to have a global animated feature produced by a Hollywood studio and to do 1 billion $ at the box office.”

Advice for budding entrepreneurs…

“Know your strengths and stick to them.”

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