Angry Birds VR Creators Announce Upcoming VR Game Called Acron

Resolution Games, creators of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, announced that they’ll be launching a brand new VR title called Acron.

This will be a multiplayer party game that will be both competitive and cooperative in nature for players across VR and mobile devices. The company has stated that there will be severl “firsts” and will be a hilariously fun experience vr VR enthusiasts.

“We’ve always believed that VR is more enjoyable when you can play with your friends and family,” said Tommy Palm, co-founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “ACRON takes that idea even further by allowing players in VR to play with and against opponents on mobile in a social setting. And not only is this game a prime way to introduce people to VR, but I can honestly say this game is the most fun I’ve ever had in VR… and I’ve played a lot of VR games!”

In Acron, one player becomes a large, ancient tree that is the sole protector of the ‘seeds of life’ (the Golden Acrons), while the players on mobile take on identities of a gang of rebellious squirrels that band together to strategize on how to best scurry around to get as many nuts as they can.

The game will come with multiple levels depicting different nature environments and several characters with various roles for players to become. Acron is expected to launch across several major VR platforms and both iOS and Android devices.   The game is set to launch some time this summer.


A dream come true – Angry Birds Dream Blast now available worldwide!

Rovio Entertainment introduced the global launch of Angry Birds Dream Blast – a fun and casual tap-to-match puzzle game in which players join the young and sleepy (and ok – adorable) Angry Birds flock to blast Dream Bubbles and overcome a number of different bubble popping challenges. Angry Birds Dream Blast introduces an all-new gameplay style for the Angry Birds, and promises some extra accessible puzzle solving fun – perfect for anyone looking to spend a few idle moments with their favorite Angry Birds characters.

After billions of downloads across the Angry Birds catalog, fans have had plenty of time to get acquainted with the trademark temper of Rovio’s famous flock, but until now, we have been left to wonder what the trio was like before their first run-in with their piggy nemeses. Now with the global launch of Angry Birds Dream Blast, players around the world can take a first-ever peek into the early lives of the Angry Birds flock. As it turns out, life for the young birds was more about taking the perfect nap than exacting revenge on their enemies.

Angry Birds Dream Blast takes a place among Rovio’s other fantastic puzzle offerings as the most instantly accessible game of the bunch. It has never been easier to get a dose of the kind of gameplay and attitude that has launched other Angry Birds titles to phenomenon status.

Time-to-fun is incredibly important to us,” says head of Rovio’s Puzzle Studio, Heini Kaihu. “We want players to be having fun in our games within seconds of opening them. This is something I feel the team has done a great job implementing in Angry Birds Dream Blast. We’re extremely excited for players around the world to pick up the game and start popping Dream Bubbles right away.”

In addition to instant fun, classic Angry Birds characters, Red, Chuck, and Bomb, will be popping up during gameplay as well. The birds join the game as powerful boosters. Blasting four or more Dream Bubbles will make Red appear, combining two Reds to creates a Chuck, and combining two Chucks makes a Bomb. Each character has their own ability when tapped, each of which amounts to blasting even more bubbles. They’re powerful on their own, but when the birds work together, they’re unstoppable!

For fans of Angry Birds, or anyone looking for the perfect way to relax and spend a few idle moments, Dream Blast is a dream come true, but for those looking for some competition, Dream Events provide a great way to test your Dream Bubble popping skills against players around the globe. These limited-time events present players with various in-game challenges. Completing challenges earns the player a better spot on the global leaderboard and better rewards when the Dream Event concludes. Players can expect new Dream Events to be added periodically.

Find a comfy spot and settle in for some relaxing fun in Angry Birds Dream Blast – now free to download worldwide via the App Store and Google Play.



Rovio Entertainment has secured a raft of new and extended licensing deals in the U.S. that will further support the “Angry Birds” franchise and its upcoming film The Angry Birds 2.

Rovio Entertainment has secured a raft of new and extended licensing deals in the U.S. that will further support the “Angry Birds” franchise and its upcoming film The Angry Birds 2.

Evolution USA represents Rovio Entertainment for consumer product licensing, promotions and retail distribution in the U.S. New partners include:

Maisto, a subsidiary of the May Cheong Group, for a range of products including pullbacks, launcher sets, R/C vehicles and track sets as well as;

  • Edukie, formerly BanBao, for a new line of construction toys.
  • Both toy lines are set to hit store shelves in 2019. Additional new and continuing partnerships include:
  • Amscan / Party City for party goods and accessories;
  • Bentex Group for children’s swimwear;
  • BrownTrout for calendars;
  • DecoPac for cake decorating;
  • Fab NY for bags, backpacks and lunch kits;
  • Handcraft Manufacturing for children’s packaged and hanging underwear;
  • Hybrid Promotions for children’s apparel, tees, fashion tops and separates;
  • Inkology for back-to-school stationery;
  • Komar Kids for children’s sleepwear;
  • Radz II for novelty candy dispensers;
  • Ranir for children’s oral care;
  • Surprise Drinks for flavored water;
  • Toy Factory for amusement plush toys and;
  • Ziegenfelder Company for ice pops.

“With the assistance of the Evolution team, we have assembled the industry’s best-in-class licensing partners that represent product innovation and bespoke design excellence to ensure that North American retailers, and, ultimately, ‘Angry Birds’ fans alike can buy and engage with licensed product that is befitting of a tier one franchise,”says Simo Hämäläinen, senior vice president, brand licensing, Rovio Entertainment.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is being produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The film is slated to hit theaters in September 2019.