Planet Superheroes is on a mission to take over the country one store at a time!

Ready, steady, fly!

Planet Superheroes recently announced its store expansion footprint to go beyond the metros of India. With six new retail stores in the last quarter – they have expanded into towns like Jabalpur, Surat, Mangalore, and Vapi making the total count at 25 across India. With 10 more stores opening in the next quarter, Planet Superheroes is leading the way in terms of its omnichannel footprint across both physical and online channels.

Planet Superheroes was launched in 2014 to cater to the huge comic fan community of India which was hungry for a brand focused on providing officially licensed character merchandise. In a market that had been widely polluted with counterfeit products, Planet Superheroes took the leap of faith that Indian customers wanted value for money and preferred official merchandise with consistent quality over counterfeit products. They have now established themselves as a market leader in just under five years both in terms of retail footprint and in the breadth of characters and categories they sell. They have also established a pan India distribution in the toys category to cater to the Mom and Pop Stores of India that still rely on traditional distribution channels.

In terms of licensing partnerships, they work with almost every major licensor from Disney, Warner Brothers, EONE, Viacom, Spin Master and Hasbro bringing joy to its end customers across age categories from Pre-School to hardcore Action Figure Fans who have no age limit! They sell 50+ categories from Apparel, Toys, Collectibles, Electronics and Accessories to name a few. They have also been winners of the Comic-Con Gold Awards for two years in succession.

Licensing in India

The Annual Global Licensing Industry Survey 2018 estimated that the global licensing industry is worth $271.6 Bn. However, licensing in India is still at a nascent stage. But the entry of licensees like Planet Superheroes, coupled with advancements in technology and ever-expanding marketplaces have provided the much-needed tailwinds needed for the growth of this sector. There is still a lack of retail players as traditional retailers do not understand the power of curation. As one of the earliest licensed merchandise brands, Planet Superheroes started focusing on creating ‘character merchandise’ as a category in itself and became a forerunner in bringing this concept to end consumers. While brands like Hamleys, Reliance, Lifestyle etc. also sell character merchandise in silos under Apparel, Electronics, Toys, Planet Superheroes has taken a contrarian “curated category” approach on the lines of other global players in the world that have succeeded in this space.


The most important challenge in retail is managing the expectations of the mall owners who often expect Planet Superheroes’ “trading density” (Revenue per square foot) to be on par with other premium fashion brands. This is a challenge because, despite the better than average conversion, the average price of these products are much lower compared to the bigger brands who command a much larger premium. However, after successfully executing its first 5 stores and proving the value addition, most mall operators now approach them to become a part of their upcoming mall launches because of the uniqueness and customer engagement value that they bring to the mall. They currently work with almost all the marquee mall developers from Phoenix Mills, Viviana, Nexus, Infiniti, VR Mall and Forum to name a few.

Way Forward

Planet Superheroes will continue to expand its retail footprint into territories that are underserved. Their next focus will be in the Eastern and Northern parts of India going as far as Guwahati in the North East of India. Planet Superheroes is a brand with a technology DNA – their technical ambitions surpass their current scale. While most retailers 5x their size have started thinking about these problems, Planet Superheroes has been quietly investing in leveraging automation, data-warehousing and intelligent algorithms to crack the complex world of omnichannel inventory management. They strongly believe that their robust tech infrastructure and process-driven expansion would be key differentiators as they scale from store number 25 to 100.

Special thanks to Jaineel Aga & Nikita Zankar from Team PlanetSuperHeroes.



Funko unveils New Avengers Endgame merch

Funko has launched a new line of Avengers: Endgame-inspired Pop! figures based on the recently released Marvel hit.

The new line includes figurines of Thor holding Stormbreaker and Mjolnir (available as an FYE exclusive), Thor in sunglasses and sandals and a 6” shiny chromed Hulk figure wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.

Funko’s line comes following a successful opening week for the next chapter in Marvel’s film opus. The movie passed the $400 million domestic release benchmark in its first week, according to Box Office Mojo. Its successful early run made it the highest-grossing opening week of all time.

The success of the Avengers: Endgame came with other licensing partnerships with brands including Build-A-Bear and Torrid.



Shemaroo Entertainment’s Yedaz merchandise now available at Imagica!

Bollywood Merchandise from Yedaz now available across Imagica stores!

Shemaroo Entertainment’s licensing and merchandising brand, Yedaz – Bollywood Madness, has associated with India’s favourite theme park, Imagica. Yedaz offers Bollywood fans at Imagica a chance to take home official Bollywood themed merchandise from the stores located inside the theme park.

Yedaz has a wide array of interesting merchandise that spreads across 15 categories like funky t-shirts with iconic Bollywood dialogues, coffee mugs, coasters, beer mugs and much more. Imagica already is home to Bollywood attractions like Mr. India and House of Stars and Yedaz merchandise is a perfect complement to the overall Bollywood experience.

Commenting on the association, Smita Maroo, Sr. VP – Licensing & Merchandising, Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd said, “Bollywood dialogues and movies have a special connect with the Indian audiences and now they can own a piece of Bollywood. Our focus at Yedaz is to create fun and quirky official Bollywood merchandise and make it available to every die-hard fan. Our association with Adlabs Imagica will help us reach out to all these Bollywood fans.”

Excited on having Yedaz merchandise at Imagica, Dhimant Bakshi, Jt.CEO, says, “Imagica is a completely themed entertainment destination with one of the themes being Bollywood. With an entire ride conceptualized and dedicated to Mr. India the movie and House of Stars – a Bollywood park featuring iconic movie sets, the association with Yedaz is an exciting extension of the Bollywood centric theme in terms of yesteryear movie merchandise offerings. The exquisite merchandise is the perfect memorabilia for our guests to take home along with bagful of memories.”

Yedaz Merchandise is already up in the stores and customers visiting Imagica can get their hands on their favourite Bollywood product on their next visit. You can now flaunt your Bollywood attitude with Yedaz T-shirts or add a filmy touch to your parties with beer mugs.

Fanatics to create Overwatch fan gear

05.12 Overwatch 300x200

The Overwatch League has signed a multi-year deal with sports retailer Fanatics to bring its fans an omnichannel retail experience and a new assortment of branded merchandise. The partnership is Fanatics’ first deal with an eSports entity.

Through the deal, Fanatics has obtained the U.S. and international rights to produce Overwatch League fan gear, jerseys, headwear and hard goods across all wholesale and retail points, leveraging its on-demand manufacturing capabilities and supply chain. The deal will see the debut of gear for Overwatch League’s new expansion teams–Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans and the Washington Justice.

The two companies will also come together to identify new opportunities for the brand in the consumer products space. Fanatics will set up a new worldwide e-commerce and mobile shopping platform and oversee all on-site retail operations for all league events. Fanatics will also operate on-site stores for all Overwatch League regular-season matches at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles and other league events.

License Global sat down with Daniel Siegel, head, licensing, Overwatch League to learn more about the deal.

Why is this deal important to the e-sports community?

This is the first partnership between the first ever global city-based e-sports league and the global leader in licensed sports merchandise, so we couldn’t be any happier.

How does the deal with Fanatics benefit Overwatch League?

Fanatics will allow us to broaden our access to our Overwatch League fan-base—not only in terms of access but also to deliver high-quality merchandise in the United States and internationally. We think that Fanatics can do this for us because they are an omnichannel solution, they have retail capabilities that are best in class that can service our fans whether they’re shopping online, on their phones, or attending our league events.

What should the licensing industry know about e-sports and its fans?

Everyone’s heard about e-sports it’s not just a fad it’s a trend that is here to stay. E-sports to me is a generational shift between traditional sports and new sports. Our consumer is that ever elusive millennial and gen-z person We know that licensees are eager to market to that fan base it’s important for the licensing community to understand this. At this point in time, the Overwatch League license does include the league rights, the rights to use all 20 teams and the players. Which is something that is untraditional in the sports space to have all of those rights under one umbrella.

Is the Overwatch merchandise only for fans of Overwatch League?

Not only will our core Overwatch fans be coming to the site,, which debuts before the start of our regular season, we will also be attracting other types of sports fans because of Fanatics relationships with the other sports leagues. We feel that there is a lot of cross-marketing community.

What does the release of official Overwatch League gear mean to the fans?

The idea of Overwatch League is to give our fans something they couldn’t get anywhere else. For a lot of our fans this is going to be the first time they’ve ever bought a jersey. So the fact that that first jersey can be an overwatch jersey is super important to us. We’re working hard with fanatics on fan gear as well and we want to make our fan gear distinct from what Fanatics has been doing with the traditional sports leagues.”

What is the plan for Overwatch licensing program in the next 5 years?

Global expansion is a huge part of what we hope to accomplish with Fanatics, they have international rights so well be able to service our teams in international territories. To have that kind of global coverage is certainly very exciting for us. We also look forward to partnering with Fanatics to bring other companies into our ecosystem, such as companies can produce goods partnership with both Overwatch League and Fanatics to create categories of merchandise that Fanatics won’t do on its own.

The partnership will be finalized before the start of the 2019 Overwatch League season, which is set to begin Feb. 14. Additional details will roll out soon



The Walt Disney Company is furthering its celebration of the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse through a new apparel collaboration with fashion label Rag & Bone.

The Mickey-Mouse-inspired range offers unisex tees, graphic knits, standout jackets, color-blocked sneakers and more that feature both graphics and minimal nods to the character. 

The Rag & Bone Disney Mickey Mouse collection will debut on and at Rag & Bone on Nov. 1.

Select special events will take place surrounding the launch.