Animation International to represent Purple Turtle in India!

When 2 LIMA members get together, sparks are sure to fly! And we at couldn’t be happier to report that Animation International India, the team behind cult kiddie brand Doraemon have inked a deal with child-focussed publishing house Aadarsh, to handle the licensing and merchandising rights of leading pre-school and home-grown IP, Purple Turtle.

Purple Turtle is now officially available for licensing and merchandising.

Sharing an image, the company took to the social networking sites for the announcement.

Recently, Animation International also bagged the official license for comic legend Charlie Chaplin.

Animation International Limited, one of the most renowned and respected names in content licensing and syndication industry across Asia has been active for the last 5 decades. Being the pioneers, AI India launched some of the most credible IP’s in India including Hello Kitty, Marvel, WWE, Dragon Ball Z, Barney and Friends among others.

Last year, AI organized the first Doraemon Licensee Expo in Mumbai on August 3. With an array of products ranging from chocolates to watches, plush toys, to feeding bottles, Doraemon is a popular toon companion for kids.

Purple Turtle is India’s first International brand with its educational content in 30 countries including Russia, China, US, UK, and multiple languages in India. Purple Turtle was created to promptly spread education through a wide range of innovative children books and convenient online learning experiences bringing learning and entertainment on a common platform.

Yesterday we told you about the team’s plans to take Purple Turtle global.

We wish both the teams ALL the success and will continue to report on PT’s rise to global stardom!